1. PRACA-TYMCZASOWA.PL service is website made for publishing job offers by the users.

2. The publication methods:
               - the principal (user) is able to publish the offers by itself by the use of    
                 form and tools available in the user panel,
               - via service personnel by sending a message on e-mail box,
               - via service personnel by a telephone order.

3. The announcements should be published in accordance with the applicable legal standards, provisions of our terms and conditions and also cannot violate good manners and any third party. Our service do not accept publishing any advertisements, links and web addresses of competiting services without its consent in writing. In case of breaking any rules, our service personnel have a right to edit or delete your announcement.

4. 4. User who is publishing an announcement on our website or by agreeing to its posting by a service “PRACA-TYMCZASOWA.PL” is ensuring us simultaneously about the truthfulness of the data given by him. 
Zleceniodawca składa równocześnie zapewnienie o prawdziwości podanych przez niego danych.

5. Our terms and conditions allow you to publish only one advert concerning the same offer employment. The user is fully responsible for content of the announcement, for caused damages and for violation of any third party due to announcements published by him.
6. Registration and maintaining your account on our service is for free and the terms of payment for the publication and promotion of announcements defines the current price list:  
Payment methods :
               - online by
https://tpay.com/ ,
               - by internet/bank transfer based on pro-forma invoice (deferred payment).

7. In case of improving the effectiveness of announcement placed here, user authorizes the contractor to their publication in any media, as long as it does not include any costs for principal (user).

8. Announcements placed on our website can be automatically published on portals cooperating with the service PRACA-TYMCZASOWA.PL. 

9. It is forbidden to upload offers which make the conclusion of payment by the employer agreement with the candidate. 

10. The Contractor is obliged to allow principals(users) to post on website the offers made by them. The Contractor shall not be liable for any interference, delaying or preventing publication of the announcement for reasons beyond his control.

11. The Contractor is entitled to remove the principal’s (user’s) notice in case of understanding that he is an unreliable employer, that the announcement is fictitious, that the conclusion may pose a threat to the prospective employee and also if it violates the law, the provisions of these regulations or the personal interests of third parties. 

12. The contractor has the right to suspend or remove the announcement in case of understanding that the information given during registration are untrue or inaccurate.

13. The Contractor shall not be liable for the content of announcements placed by the principals (users).

14. The use of this website constitutes permission to use of cookies.

15. The administrator of the website is: 

      ul.. Łukasińskiego 42a
      71-215 Szczecin, PL